[VIDEO] Welcome Series Part 4 – My Marketing Strategy


How do my customers find me?

Good question… Do you know the answer for your own business?

If not – you’ve got a problem…

Tracking your traffic is critically important for every online business. If you don’t know how your visitors found you, how can you expect to focus on the right ways to grow your traffic?

Simple answer – you can’t…

Right now, I am only focusing on SEO for my store’s traffic because I can’t run Facebook or Google ads. My business sells firearm accessories, so I’m automatically excluded from any type of advertisement on those platforms.

Sucks… but also provides opportunity 🙂

If you are at all familiar with e-commerce marketing tips from around the web, you know how much emphasis is put on Facebook ads for growing a new store.

And with good reason – it works for a lot of industries!

But not mine…

So, I need to do things differently.

Instead, I focus on SEO

SEO is my chosen strategy, and I’ve made some serious progress in just the few short months since I bought my store.

I revealed my spreadsheet for analyzing my SEO results in Part 3 of this Welcome Series (go check it out if you haven’t already!), but here’s a snapshot of how it’s going at the moment:

Gotta love that upward momentum 🙂

I bought the business in the middle of April 2020, and I’ve been able to achieve steady improvement in impressions and clicks every single month.

I’m going to reveal exactly what I do to achieve this growth in another video, but for now, I’ll leave you with this question:

Do you want to grow your website’s traffic?

Probably a dumb question, we all want more website traffic, but what are you doing DAILY to actually improve?

If the answer is “I don’t know” or “Nothing at all”, then let’s talk…

I would LOVE to help you 🙂

Drop a comment below if you need some help with your digital marketing. I’m sure I can help you get the results you are looking for…

To your success,