[VIDEO] Income Update – December 2020


December 2020 financial results are in!

Happy New Year everyone!

What a year we just left behind us…

Brian Pawl here, giving you an update on my financial and SEO results for December 2020.

Financially, not so bad for my little ecommerce store. Just under $6,600 for the 7 months I’ve owned it? I’ll take it – but I’ve got my goals for 2021 set MUCH higher!

My plan is to double my average monthly gross profit from ~$1,000 right now, to $2,000 by mid-year, and then double it again to $4,000 by the end of 2021.

Aggressive, but I think it’s achievable!

SEO is how I’m gonna get there – I can’t traditionally advertise on Facebook or Google, so I’ve got to improve my search rankings. It’s the long game I’m going after – stick with my strategy, put in the effort now, and reap the rewards for years to come!

Do you want to know how I improve my SEO performance?

Well, that training is coming in the near future – but until then keep tuning in for more updates on my business and how I can help you start your own online business this year.

Drop a comment below if you want to finally start a new online business in 2021 – I want to hear your ideas and to help you take some action and change your lives!

Thanks for tuning in – until next time, cheers!