[VIDEO] Welcome Series Part 5 – My Goals & Big Why


Why did I start my side hustle?

In the final installment of my Welcome Series I explain my “Big Why” and goals for 2021. (If you haven’t watched my previous videos, definitely check them out before watching this final video)

My “Big Why” is rooted in my family, and providing a better life for them. I am recently engaged, and I’m constantly thinking about my financial situation and how I can improve it.

I want to be able to make enough money (either through a full-time job, full-time job + low-stress side hustle, or full-time online business that started as a side hustle) so my fiancee can quit her job and raise our children.

I know – that’s an old-school vision for my life, but it’s also aligned with my fiancee’s dreams. She WANTS to be home with the kids more than anything, so I want to provide that for her (and me).

I’ll share my process for writing my Big Why and holding myself accountable in another video – so stay tuned for that!

Is your Big Why big enough?

If you create your Big Why and you re-read it and don’t want to immediately go out there and ATTACK your goals with everything inside of you, then your “why” isn’t big enough…

You should want to get up early, even before your alarm goes off, and start checking off your to-do list…

Does that sound like you?

If not, let’s have a chat and fix it!

Send me an email at info@sidehustletube.com and let’s write your Big Why together so you can make 2021 your most focused and productive year yet!

To Your Success,